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PLEASE NOTE: The following information is intended for our established patients only. We cannot give advice until a professional relationship has been established. These recommendations do not replace the advice of a medical professional.

Is your child ill or having an issue that you're not sure how to address? Please click on the "WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR CHILD IS SICK?" button for some suggestions from our physicians. If you're still not sure what to do, please contact our office. If it's non-urgent, please call our triage nurses during regular office hours. We always have a physician available to answer urgent questions that can't wait until the morning. If you have a concern about illness in your baby under two months of age, please never hesitate to call, even after hours. 

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What To Do When Your Child is Sick?

Dosage Chart

When giving your child medications, it's important to check the concentration (this means HOW MANY MILLIGRAMS PER UNIT OF MEASURE) of the medication you are using. Our chart lists medications by concentration. If you have any questions regarding which concentration you have and how to dose it, please speak with your pharmacist or call our office.

Dosing Chart

See package directions for larger children.

We generally do not recommend use of multisystem cough or cold medications in children, particularly in children under the age of six.

Office Vaccine Policy

After considerable discussion amongst the physicians of Glendale Pediatrics, we have made the decision to require our eligible patients to receive two vaccinations: DTaP and MMR. We did not come to this decision lightly. While we have close bonds with our patients, we also have a responsibility to protect every single person who walks through our door from vaccine-preventable diseases. This especially includes those who cannot be vaccinated due to young age or complex medical conditions. These patients rely on us to provide the safest possible environment for their medical care, and we must do everything possible to ensure that standard.

We understand that this policy may generate questions. Our physicians are well-equipped to discuss any questions that you may have, so please feel free to ask them.

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